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Get Trendy with Colors of the Year for 2024/2025


        Colors are very important in our daily lives. For example, the colors of what we wear can express our identity, mood, and even enhance our personality. Therefore, color is one of the tools that is used to influence consumers’ purchasing decisions and drive business.

        The color of the year is updated every year to serve as design guide or selling points for various products by the world-renowned color design company such as Pantone. In the design and printing industry, color often became one of the key challenges in communication. For example, a customer may request a color green, but what exact shade of green? The fact that every color has indefinite number of shades makes communication complicated. To solve this challenge, Pantone founder Larry Herbert created specific color names and codes to help customers choose the right colors. By configuring the standardized color values for printing and designing, confusion was eliminated, and communication has since become more streamlined and successful.

        In addition, various industries such as fashion, garment, textiles, sports, pharmaceutical, interior design, furniture, automobiles, and many more, have been taking advantage of the color of the year from Pantone as well. This practice reflects the consumer’s trends which help drive business, and many industries plan their marketing strategies around color of the year to develop suitable products that would help them achieve their goals.

        Some interesting examples of the colors of the year in 2023 include Elfin Yellow. It is a light shade of yellow color that expresses nature, is minimalistic and easy on the eyes, so it has been used in home decorations by a Scandinavian brand Nordic Nest. Another popular color in 2023 was Viva Magenta, a color that stimulates energy. Curtain and interior design companies have used this color to decorate workplaces. It was also used by Motorola in their collab project Motorola Edge 30 Fusion x Pantone, as well as by Fiat as a color choice for their car models.

        As for 2024, the colors of the year will reflect the trend of rapid adaptation, as well as function as the mediator between the real world and the digital world. Let's find out which colors will be trending in 2024-2025!


Checklist Color of the Year 2024 – 2025

Peach Fuzz

The color of this year is Peach Fuzz, a soft, mellow peach tone that exudes warmth and gentleness. It is a modern shade that can adapt to any situation, promotes positive outlook, and enhances self-reflection, so it is suitable for industries such as interior design, bathroom and bedroom products, among others.

Coral Gold

This orange-brown color is full of energy and implies a good impression. It is associated with health and mental therapy. Therefore, clothes made in this color will give a feeling of warmth, relaxation, and comfort.


Butterfly color is the name of a light shade of digital green. It reflects the power of youthful imagination combined with a commitment to preserving the environment. It also exudes a sense of modern luxury which is a popular color in the fashion industry.


Capri is a blue-green color, and a must watch out color for this year because it is associated with luxurious, vivacious taste and is also related to the god of the sea. It has a strong and powerful characteristic while hiding gentleness. It is often used in the jewelry industry and small sculptures, interior design and furniture.

Raspberry Rose

This dark pink shade is super popular in the fashion industry. Many apparel brands release products in this color to express brightness and fun, gender and class equality, and modernity. It is great for marketing campaign materials or products in the electronics or automotive industries.


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