23-26 July 2025

Shine on  The Industrial  Stage like The Sun

Discover exhibitors who shine the light of success with the right matches in the textile and garment industry

SKT Offers Embroidery and Printing Machinery with the Hearts of Unity

        Textile and garment are one of the longest running industries and are still continuously being developed to stay relevant since they are everyday items for consumers. This has led to constant technological improvement so they can meet the changing demands while increasing production efficiency.  

        SKT. Embroidery Co., Ltd. is a provider of digital embroidery machines with over 45 years of experience. Under the leadership of Managing Director Mr. Kriangkrai Wangwijit, the company is preparing to introduce efficient products and services at GFT 2024 to meet the needs of garment manufacturers in the new century.

        “GFT is an event that matches our industry, helps us find new customers and promotes our brand to a wider audience. Some of our machines that visitors will see at the event include digital t-shirt printing machines, computerized embroidery machines, latex printers and many more.

        Our company motto is “To service with our hearts…of unity” which comes from experience accumulated over the years that has helped us to grow in the embroidery industry with sustainability and firm foothold. We have expertise in our profession and can provide comprehensive advice on embroidery and garment production. We would like to invite everyone to visit us at GFT and choose the products that are complete, modern, match your needs, and we also offer after sales service throughout the machines’ lifespan.”

        Elevate the quality of your garment production to the next level with top-notch machines from SKT. Embroidery Co., Ltd. at GFT 2024 during 26-29 June 2024 at BITEC, Bangkok. Pre-register your visit online or reserve your exhibit space now!