26-29 June 2024

Admission Policy – COVID-19

In these difficult and uncertain times, the health and safety of our colleagues, exhibitors, and visitors is of paramount importance to Reed Tradex, a member of RX.  Our trade exhibitions are well ordered marketplaces for conducting business and commerce where we are able to affect conditions, settings and situations through a consistent and coherent program of safeguards and precautionary measures. 

We have joined forces with our venue owner, Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC), and the relevant local authorities as part of GFT’s collaborative response to the COVID-19 emergency.  Our 5-point (safety) plan focuses on:

  1. collaborating with all relevant parties; 
  2. dynamic risk management and staying alert to the COVID-19 risks we face;
  3. planning around roles and responsibilities; safeguards and precautionary measures; and for possible COVID-19 emergencies; 
  4. pre-show and in-show communications using a variety of mediums;
  5. baseline and incremental show-setting, hygiene and medical safeguards and precautionary measures.

Our 5-point plan reflects up-to-the-minute (public) health guidance and directions from the relevant authorities alongside (continuously developing) industry best and good practice. 

Responding effectively to the risks of Covid-19 is however, a shared responsibility and we would ask you all to play your part in ensuring GFT remains as safe as possible.  

In that respect, Reed Tradex asks that you abide by our admissions policy set out below.  

In general:

  • Please do not attend the show if you:

    i.  are showing COVID-19 symptoms including a febrile temperature of above 37.5°C; a new continuous cough; shortness of breath or difficulty breathing; and / or the loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste;

    ii.  have been tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14-days;

    iii. have come into close contact with a high risk or infected person within the last 14-days;

    iv. have travelled from or through a ‘watchlist’ state or country – you could be quarantined on arrival here in Thailand and / or on your return to your home state or country.  

Our onsite medical team will respond to anyone displaying COVID-19 symptoms in line with the directions issued by the relevant authorities.  If you develop COVID-19 symptoms away from the show, you should contact the relevant local authorities at:

Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health: Tel. 1422 (For English-speaking, call 0-9684-7820-9)

  • Please (re)consider attending the show if you are in anyway vulnerable to COVID-19 particularly if you suffer from an underlying health condition.

  • Please practice good (respiratory) hygiene at all times during the show using the sanitizing gels readily available throughout the venue.

  • The wearing of face masks is mandatory at all times during the show and in all areas of the venue.  Attendees are asked to bring their own masks although stocks will be on sale at vending machines at the venue.

  • Please where possible observe physical distancing rules leaving at least one meter between yourself and others.

  • Please cooperate with our security, stewards and medical teams – be patient, they are there for your safety and wellbeing.

It will become quickly apparent that we and our partners have introduced a raft of precautionary measures for your safety and wellbeing including:

    i. show-setting measures: 

  • increasing floor space, aisle widths and exhibitor stand footprints 

  • public health / public information messaging throughout

  • improved ventilation, air purification, air conditioning and temperature control

  • physical distancing measures including floor markers, seating and, where necessary, minimal queueing

  • prohibitions – we ask that you avoid:

  • shaking hands

  • handling demonstrator models

    ii. hygiene measures:   

  • intensive in-hours and out-of-hours cleaning, sanitization and disinfection of all public areas throughout the show period

  • strengthened food hygiene

    iii. medical measures: 

  • identity checking – if you’ve not already done so as part of (pre)registration, you will be asked to provide track-and-trace personal data and may be required to verify your identity on admission 

  • check in to the event via Thaichana platform and allow our staff to scan your badge to track visitor density inside the hall

  • thermo-screening at multiple points throughout the venue

  • sanitizing stations throughout the venue

  • the mandatory wearing of face masks

  • continuous COVID-19 monitoring by our strengthened on-site medical team

Our admissions policy has been prepared in conjunction with BITEC and in accordance with guidelines by WHO and the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health.  We would ask you to comply with all safeguards and precautionary measures.  Anyone not complying, will be asked to leave the show.  

Be patient and remain safe, respect other people’s rights to their own safety and wellbeing and above all, make GFT the success we all deserve.