23-26 July 2025

Glam Up Your Fashion Business and Online Marketing During COVID-19


The fashion, textile and garment industries are among the sectors affected by COVID-19. This undoubtedly contributed to the idea of sustainable business through the use of innovative and digital technologies, the adoption of BCG (Bio-Circular-Green Economy) model, or seeking new markets to target customers who are mindful of sustainability, the environment and health.


Fortunately, it is predicted that in 2022 it is predicted that fashion, textile and garment industries will grow 10% due to positive signs from 2021 which saw 70% recovery of the market value coupled with the continued growth of the online marketplace. So, how should entrepreneurs transform their business to stand out and become more attractive?


Apparel design that emphasizes comfort and color to ease anxiety


Having a calm and safe space to relieve anxiety from economic stress and the pandemic directly affects consumer decisions. Working at home for a long period of time has influenced consumers to choose outfits that focus on comfort, skincare, and ease of care. Pants or skirts with elastic waistband will rise in popularity, as well as comfortable blazers for wearing to work. The trend of colors that communicate relaxation and happiness will also be favored more.


Creative Thailand reveals that the seven most popular colors include:

  1. Cream (Anise Flower) which helps calm the mind.
  2. Blue (Stratosphere) which helps enhance awareness about the environmental changes.
  3. Purple (Purple Rose) which helps reduce stress.
  4. Radiant Yellow which inspires positivity and recovery from fatigue.
  5. Acid Lime which helps spark novelty and creativity.
  6. Festival Fuchsia which enhances energy in both the physical and the digital worlds.
  7. Dark brown (Java) represents respect for nature and the environment.


In sum, “comfort” and “colors” are the keys that fashion entrepreneurs should pay special attention to.


Innovative technologies and smart textiles


The application of technology in textile and garment industry has played an increasing role. This can be seen from the adoption of Direct-to-Garment printing technology to produce mass customization and create unique products, add value and attract new consumers, or the introduction of functional textile or nonwoven fabrics to develop products in seven main groups:

  1. Medical wear
  2. Antibacterial clothing
  3. Sportswear
  4. Collagen clothing
  5. Recycled textile
  6. Non-woven fabrics or non-woven synthetic fabrics
  7. Fabric for the uniforms


Provide a special consumer experience through online marketing


Online marketing or e-commerce is a way to promote business without limitation. The following guidelines will provide some ideas for entrepreneurs to maximize their business potential:

  1. Build an All-in-One platform that is user-friendly and attractive to digital consumers. For example, focus on the convenience, one-step login, easy shopping process, fast loading website or instant click to order function.
  2. Create content to enhance purchasing decisions. In addition to attractive design and beautiful images (content marketing), there should be fascinating storytelling to create brand recognition and increase sales.
  3. Strategic use of influencers to enhance your business. Influencers continue to create value in the market and help consumers understand the context and the usefulness of the products. Therefore, planning a marketing strategy through influencers will help create long-term value for the business.



These up-to-date knowledge as well as information about various technologies and innovations from leading brands in the textile and garment industry will gather at the GFT 2022 event during 22-25 June 2022 at BITEC, Bangkok.


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